Other Works

Thys, L. (2005) History of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. From 1118 to 2005. Stewart Graphics, East Kilbride, Scotland.


Balkan Blue – Family and Military Memories
Author: MG Sir Roy Redgrave, GCTJ, GMTJ, former Grand Master
ISBN 0-85052-727554 Published by Pen & Sword Books (2000)

Silent Knight
Author: COL Craig Carlson
ISBN 0-9654220-7-0

History of The Order of the Temple of Jerusalem From 1118 to 2005
Author: Leo Thys, KCTJ, OSMTH Grand Archivist
Foreword by RADM James Carey (Ret.), GCTJ, GMTJ
release date 22 Apr 2005, order through author Leo Thys
Chev Leo Thys is responsible for the establishment of OSMTH in Belgium.

The Templars and the Grail: Knights of the Quest
Author: Dr. Karen Ralls (member of the Templar Heritage Trust, UK)
ISBN: 0835608077 Published by Quest Books

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