Wallpaper Artwork 1280×720 by Guiseppe De Luca

The Sovereign Military of the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTH) has accepted the artwork of Guiseppe De Luca in support of our 900th Anniversary Celebration of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem with preparation starting in 2017 and culminating in 2018.

The wallpaper artwork in 1280×720 features the cover art originally created by Guiseppe De Luca that was used on the cover of our recently published OSMTH book no. 2, titled, The Knights Templar: From History to the Twenty-First Century Mission: Nine Hundred Years Since the Foundation of the Poor Knights of Christ in the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTH Publications) (Volume 2) Paperback – April 1, 2017, by Pasi Pollanen (Author, Editor), Scott Simon (Editor).

Four wallpapers are available in this websites Downloads under Extras.

Artwork by used with permission by Guiseppe De Luca.